July 25, 2012


2 Chainz Is Going on Tour

Paul Warner/WireImage
Paul Warner/WireImage

Are you ready to scream "TRUUUUUU" at the top of your lungs? What about "TWOOOO CHAIIIIIIIIIIIINZ?" If you are, I've got a very special surprise for you: 2 Chainz is going on tour! And even though he's probably not coming to your city (or mine) because it's a very short tour, you can definitely hop a bus to one of the cities he's playing and scream "TRUUUUUU" out there.

2 Chainz's solo tour takes him from Norfolk, VA, on August 30 to Austin, TX, on September 27, all in promotion of his debut album, Based on a T.R.U. Story, which is a reference to how much he loves True Religion Jeans and also about how he's telling you no lies.

The most charismatic man in rap (2 Chainz) said, about his own tour, "One of the things I enjoy the most about being an artist is the opportunity to get on the stage and give the fans everything they deserve. Everything they’ve come to expect from me. I’ve performed alongside some of the best in this business, but this time will be something special. This time it’s all me."

That probably means Kanye isn't coming. :(. Anyway, check out the tour dates at RapRadar and let us know if you're going to catch Dos Chainz on tour when he comes to a city near you in the comments.