June 11, 2012


Best Quotes from Bonnaroo 2012: Radiohead Want You to Sleep in the Mud & More

Jeff Kravitz
Jeff Kravitz

When 80,000 fans, artists, crew members, security guards and others come together for four days of music at Bonnaroo, you hear a lot of weird things. Here are the choicest quotes we overheard, from Radiohead's Thom Yorke to that girl who does not like herpes-flavored beer. And when you're done, check out our complete Bonnaroo 2012 coverage, including all the best photos from the fest.

"Where are you sleeping tonight? Face down in the mud? That's a British tradition: Take acid and fall asleep in some field." 
Radiohead's Thom Yorke, knowing his audience. (Listen to a new Radiohead song that made its live debut last night.)

"I've been waiting 12 years to say this. Ladies and gentlemen: D'Angelo!" 
Questlove introducing reclusive soul singer D'Angelo. (Watch Questlove explain his inspiration for the D'Angelo Superjam and read our review of the incredible performance here).

"I really want to yell 'Free Bird.' Not to be a dick, though. I just really want to hear them play it." 
- Frustrated Dispatch fan

"The silent disco sounds like it's rockin' out."
- A fan drops a Bonnaroo paradox

"We are Strung Like a Horse"
- Frontman for the best band name at Bonnaroo

"We only got 30 minutes, so we gotta get straight to the mix! I don't need 99.9% participation. I need the whole 100." 
- New Orleans brass band Soul Rebels getting to the point

"I want to party with the king."
- A girl talking to an Elvis Presley cardboard cutout before humping it

"School's out for Bonnaroo." 
- Alice Cooper's awkward, if earnest, attempt at connecting with his audience. (Watch our interview with Cooper at Bonnaroo here and read our review of the set.)

"We're from Minnesota and heard a lot of horror stories about the weather. We're not really made for hot weather." 
- Bluegrass group Trampled by Turtles trying to adjust

"I just got felt up by a turtle."

- Ludacris' baiting, yet highly effective, opening line. (Watch Ludacris talk about working with Justin Bieber here.)

"They didn't do a single song from The Bends
- Disgruntled Radiohead fan

"Well, I've never heard of them. I'm just trying to get my money."
- Security guard not impressed that you're a Radiohead fan

"I want to see everyone take off everything they have and put it in the air!" 
- Major Lazer's nudity request. (Check out our interview with Major Lazer at Bonnaroo.)

"What doesn't my mom get when I say I'm front row and will get my own dinner?! This is so why parents shouldn't come to Bonnaroo."

"This beer tastes like herpes."

"The Comedy Stage has now been renamed the Glenn Danzig Legacy Stage."
 - Mogwai crew member zinging the metal star. (Check out our interview with Mogwai here.)

"Scurvy sucks. I'ma dance."

"I don't know you, but can I hug you?" 
- One man's request to Fuse writer Jason Newman, overcome with emotion at D'Angelo performing at Questlove's Superjam. Newman obliged.

"Hey man, you're Safety Supervisor #420. High-five!"

"That's what makes them awesome. Phish is for hippies. You either love or hate Radiohead. But everyone loves at least some Chilis songs." 
- A Red Hot Chili Peppers fan breaks down the headliners. (Here's our review of Phish's four-hour Bonnaroo set).

"You should be able to get them to make noise with only one note." 
- Black Star's Mos Def introducing "Lawwwwwwwd," the first word from their 1998 hit "Definition"

"Thank you." 
- Seemingly everyone to Charles Bradley backstage following the soul singer's Saturday set

"I heard he got his name from some Dipset rap name generator thing." 
- Fan sorta kinda not really explaining to his friends the origin of "Childish Gambino." It was actually a Wu-Tang name generator.

"For God's sake, quit swaying. You look like thousands of Ray Charles." 
- Kenny Rogers unimpressed with your swaying. (Read our review of Kenny Rogers' Bonnaroo set here.)

"This is surreal. If anyone wants to buy us a thesaurus to find us a better word, please do because we keep using it. Actually, wait. We can just look it up online." 
- fun. frontman Nate Ruess

"Uh, we call it electro-funk world rock for a reason."
- One girl defending her band

(Long, awkward silence) 
- Maynard James Keenan, when asked about a new Tool record. (Watch that awkward silence right here!)

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