May 24, 2012


The 10 Best Hockey Anthems

ALEXANDER NEMENOV/AFP/GettyImages & Paul Natkin/Getty Images
ALEXANDER NEMENOV/AFP/GettyImages & Paul Natkin/Getty Images

The MuchMusic Video Awards are airing live from Toronto on Fuse on June 17 at 9 pm ET, and to celebrate, we compiled our 10 favorite hockey anthems commemorating Canada's national sport. We've pulled together songs that are played either during a goal or prominently in stadiums and ranked them from fist-pumping to majestic. Enjoy!

10. Van Halen, "Right Now" 

Van Halen's "Right Now" is the best soundtrack for the massive buildup and struggle inherent in a long battle on the ice or a really, really long beer line.

9. U2, "Elevation"

An upbeat rocker that gets teams rolling and serves as the goal song for the Vancouver Canucks.

8. Joe Satriani, "Crowd Chant"

There's only one song that's probably been played more than "Crowd Chant" in stadiums, and that's Queen's "We Will Rock You."

7. Randy Newman, "I Love LA"

When the Los Angeles Kings score a goal, this is the sweet song you'll hear playing in the stadium. 

6. Dio, "Holy Diver"

Simply an incredibly badass metal jam that's the best soundtrack for someone getting his teeth punched out. 

5. The Fratellis, "Chelsea Dagger"

The newest cut on this list, "Chelsea Dagger" is what's going to be playing at the bar after your squad wins a playoff game. 

4. The Darkness, "I Believe in a Thing Called Love"

The Darkness' "I Believe In a Thing Called Love" is what happens when a very big song gets multiplied by ten. 

3. Motley Crue, "Kickstart My Heart"

A song written about an overdose that was averted with two damn adrenaline shots to the heart is fit to capture a moment of electrifying glory. 

2. AC/DC, "Hell's Bells"

If getting punched in the face by an enormous defender and then getting right back up and scoring a goal was a piece of music, this would be it. 

1. Ozzy Osbourne, "Crazy Train"

Ultimate epic hard rock song of all time, basically the Platonic embodiment of recklessness and manliness at the same time.