March 18, 2012


ASAP Rocky SXSW Show Ends in Brawl

Photo Credit: Totally Splendid
Photo Credit: Totally Splendid

"Are we moshing tonight?" asked A$AP Rocky early on in his late-night SXSW set at the Vice Kills Texas party. "Slam dancing?" Minutes before a brawl erupted between members of Rocky's crew and the crowd, I tweeted, "Best punk act at #sxsw: A$AP Rocky." The punk rock ethos that the Harlem rapper brings to every show—the crowd surfing, the moshing—took a dark turn early into his set, as Rocky's crew jumped into the crowd after being pelted with two full beer cans.

Here's what I saw: 15 minutes into Rocky's energetic set, at around 2:45 am, one of the rapper's crew had his do-rag taken from his head, causing the rapper to stop the show in an attempt to find the culprit. Minutes later, someone from the crowd lobbed a full beer can on stage, nearly hitting a member of Rocky's crew, dubbed the A$AP Mob. The rapper stopped the show again while his crew tried to sort everything out, with one of the mob almost jumping into the crowd before being restrained.

To his credit, Rocky defused the situation, though said that if anyone threw anything other than water, there would be consequences. "Please! Don't throw nothing at us because we don't want to end this early," said Rocky. "We want to have fun. People came to have fun."

With tensions seemingly soothed, someone launched another beer at the stage. Things devolved quickly, as nearly every member of Rocky's crew rushed the crowd, starting a brawl that would end up in the back of the warehouse in seconds. Organizers and police quickly shut down the party, with most of the crowd either running for the doors or capturing the moment on their phones.

This isn't the first time Rocky's crew has gotten into a scuffle. At the rapper's Fader Fort party last year, members of the mob started a fight with one of the show's sound men. As Brooklyn Vegan reported, via Ozone magazine, "The artist and his crew were upset that they were performing at a smaller stage which lead to them flipping over drums. When a stage hand for Fader Fort entered the stage to try and remove the drums he was jumped by members of ASAP Rocky's crew. The entire stage was trashed and the stage hand had to leave in an ambulance."

Watch the video below (h/t to Rap-Up for the find)