March 19, 2012


Amy Winehouse Wanted Mos Def To Join Supergroup

L: Peter Macdiarmid, R: Jason Merritt
L: Peter Macdiarmid, R: Jason Merritt

According to The Roots drummer ?uestlove, the late British singer Amy Winehouse planned to form a supergroup featuring ?uest, R&B revivalist Raphael Saadiq and hip hop maestro Mos Def.

?uestlove spoke candidly to AP about how the love of music that he shared with Winehouse allowed them to broaden each other's musical boundaries as they shared music from artists outside of the genres they preferred to work in. Basically, they sent each other MP3s.

?uestlove said, "She’s such a jazz snob. I couldn’t stand it, but I was obsessed with it because, once we exchanged information, she would always be on her computer sending me MP3s (like), ‘Listen to this.’ … We spent a lot of time on Skype talking about crazy ideas and she schooled me about Sarah Vaughan. I schooled her about J Dilla."

He continued, “And she was like, ‘All right, we’re going to start a supergroup. You, me, Mos (Def), and Raphael Saadiq.’ I was like, ‘OK.’ And she assigned homework: ‘All right, study this record.’ … I really miss not having her here to school me on jazz; I thought I was a music snob, and I thought I had my doctorate in jazz, but no. There’s so much more I could have learned. She’s a teacher.”

No word yet on whether Mos Def or Raphael Saadiq actually would have agreed to be in the supergroup, but we think they probably both would have jumped at the chance.