February 7, 2012


The Darkness Talk About Their "Surreal, Last Minute" Super Bowl Commercial

Were you surprised to see The Darkness in a Super Bowl commercial? So were they! Invited to participate in the Samsung commercial just a week before shooting, frontman Justin Hawkins told FUSE the two day experience was “surreal” and he almost entirely forgot it until game day. “I didn’t think anything else about it until yesterday when it was on the telly, and it was huge,” said Hawkins.

Whether the commercial introduced new listeners to the Darkness’ brand of glam metal or just reminded old fans how truly excellent their first single was, the renewed exposure has pushed “I Believe In a Thing Called Love” to the No. 1 spot on the download charts in the U.S.—which is a higher spot than it’s ever held before. 

To find out what Hawkins had to say about on-set disasters—and to soak in the glory of his handlebar mustache and furry parka—watch FUSE's Elaine Moran interview the boys above.