February 1, 2012


The Darkness Return With Video Proof of Their Awesomeness

Holy hell, who would think that after their flop-of-a-sophomore album (and a weird break-up) that the Darkness would return with a song that kicks this much ass?

Considering the original line-up of the British band hasn’t been screeching for about seven years now, I think they made the right choice by waiting to unveil “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” until it had an accompanying video. 

Sure, the song itself is an awesomely kitschy hair metal throwback that immediately makes you want to sing-a-long as if you've known it for years, but the video here is half the fun.

The animated clip looks like it was drawn by Napoleon Dynamite (always a good thing) and features cartoon versions of the band doing all sorts of textbook examples of awesomeness: wielding swords, karate chopping things, and playing a handlebar mustache as if it were a guitar. 

It also features a Queen reference and Prince himself (well, 'toon Prince), winking at us from his Purple Rain motorcycle.

And the radio broadcasting voice that opens the video is hilarious, factually reporting that, “The BBC has learned today that, in fact, everyone everywhere is feeling very sad.” Even worse, in the world of sports, “All the teams lost today and all the games were boring.” (No! My fantasy cricket league is ruined!)

Another awesome touch: the well-worn Darkness cassette tapes in the live-action beginning with titles like, “Don’t Shoot Til You See the Whites of Their Thighs,” “Mystic Passions and Meager Rations,” and “The Darkness: Their Coolest Vol. 1.” With their sense of humor and knack for catchy glam rock clearly intact, it’s hard not to get excited for a full album and tour.

PS: If my kid ends up like the one in this video, thrashing around his dumpy room to cheesy hard rock, I’ll have done my duty.