February 9, 2012


Genre Report: Electronic Producers Go Dutch & More

Jordan Strauss
Jordan Strauss

ELECTRONIC: Diplo & Don Diablo Go Dutch
World-dominating BlackBerry posterboy Diplo loves mining all corners of this earth for cutting-edge sounds and visuals, so it only makes sense that he'd find the Dutch couple that made a wacky viral video to star in the video for his new single with Dutch producer Don Diablo, "Make You Pop." The video finds the couple reprising their roles in their original viral video, a music video for a song about their scooter. This song is not really about anything, so it's about whatever you make it about. Sex? Clubbing? Both videos are hilarious. [Prefix]

INDIE: Lo-fi Darling Puts Out Sweet New Video
The third drummer for Vivian Girls is a gal named Fiona Campbell, and she fronts a band called Coasting, and that band has a sweet new video out for their jangly, rough-hewn song, "Same Old Same Old." Seems to be a lot of brightly-colored cut-and-paste animation, old-timey newspaper cutouts and the like. CAUTION: THIS MAY BRIGHTEN YOUR AFTERNOON. [GvB

HIP HOP: West Coast Crooner's Caretakers Sue
The late West Coast gangsta crooner Nate Dogg, a man who raked in millions of bones during his illustrious career barking hooks for songs you love, apparently didn't pay the people who were taking medical care of him during the last years of his life. He died in 2011 after suffering complications of multiple strokes. A long-term care facility in Orange County maintains that Nate Dogg's estate owes them about 293,000 bones, and a judge has ordered Nate's estate to release the bones from their metaphorical teeth. [TMZ]

COUNTRY: Country Stars' Duet Album Will Happen
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are getting ready to go to Australia to reprise their massive Soul2Soul Tour, and in an interview about that, Faith said, "I'm sure we will [do an album together] at some point," which might be one of the biggest country music moments ever. "We are together all the time, and we have great ideas about what we'd like to do." About flying to Australia, she remarked, "We're going to cross the ocean, way across the ocean," which sounds dreamy. [The Boot]