February 14, 2012


Genre Report: Skrillex's Software Creator Hates Skrillex & More

Ethan Saks
Ethan Saks

ELECTRONIC: Music Software Co-Creator Hates Skrillex
Robert Henke, also known as the electronic act Monolake and the co-creator of popular music recording software Ableton, seems to hate electronic musician Skrillex. That's strange because Skrillex is likely the highest-profile user of Ableton software in the world, and he's very public about his use of Ableton. In an interview, Henke said about Skrillex, "It’s something you listen to for the very first time and you think, 'Oh, wow.' And you listen to it the second time and you think, 'Ooof.'" Is Skrillex gonna pull a Jay-Z? [The Daily Swarm]

JAZZ: Denzel Washington Thinking About Playing Jazz Icon
Academy Award winner Denzel Washington, star of the current box office draw Safe House, is thinking about taking on a role that's a little more low key than dangerous fugitive on the run: Thelonious Monk, the iconic jazz pianist and composer. Denzel says that he already has a script about Monk's life. "I'm talking about it more, so maybe I'm talking myself into it." It wouldn't be the first time Denzel played a jazz musician; he played a jazz trumpeter in Spike Lee's 1990 film Mo' Better Blues. [The Guardian]

COUNTRY: Legend Suing His Longtime Label
Kenny Rogers, who has charted over 120 hit singles during his half-century-long career, is suing his record label, Capitol Records, because he doesn't think they've paid him what they owe him. He's alleging that they didn't pay him royalties on digital sales for over 30 years and suing for more than $400,000, partially stemming from accounting shenanigans and the legal difference between the term "sale" and "license." [The Boot]

HIP HOP: Two NJ Men Being Held Captive in Africa Over Rap Concert
A father and son concert promotions team from New Jersey is being held captive in Luanda, a city in the West African country of Angola, more than a month after a Nas concert that they were promoting was cancelled. Nas pocketed the $300,000 he was given to perform in Angola and never boarded his plane there, so Patrick Allocco and his son, also Patrick, are currently being held at the Epic Sana Hotel in Luanda, Angola. Nas has since returned the money but the men who are keeping the Alloccos are demanding more. [New York Post]